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Who is La Fulminante?

“¿Quién es La Fulminante?” (Who is La Fulminante?)

La Jornada Jalisco. October 3, 2014


Where does this blonde who spins around a street light pole at night come from? her black plastic dress reflecting the light. She dances night-clubish tropical rhythms. She sets the pace with her high heel shoes. A man in his office clothing traversing the park ignores her. Another man takes pictures of her. She doesn’t care about any of them. She arranges her hair and tightens the screen that covers her face. “Media Control,” “Democratic Surveillance,” and “Corrupt Power” are the slogans that we read where her eyes and lips should be.


She dances in front of the Miraflores church, in Lima. Her breasts are covered by two mannequin hands. There’s a third hand covering her crotch. Some officials want to detain her but she follows the music with her body, a pedestrian asks her for a dance and the officials walk away. The temple behind her completes the scene. This is only one of the videos she has uploaded to her website. She mixes pornography, performance, magic, cabaret, video and collage; she uses art in order to introduce La Fulminante (Fulminant, detonator) But where does this blonde come from?


“I come from drama and abuse, from being fucked up in life. I rescued myself. My partner would call me whore; he would hit me and I would let him do it. ‘Why am I doing this to me? Ok, I’ll show you how much of a whore I can be’. I like to be provocative. That’s part of my force. Life was turning me into shit. La Fulminante represents some kind of rematch. I come from rescue,” replies the artist.


But La Fulminante does not only refer to a life story. She is the display-window Latina, the one who provokes from within the big dimension posters, the erotic fantasy that dances on videoclips wearing tiny clothes. Really tiny. La Fulminante is a character created by artist Nadia Granados. La Fulminante is the body who seduces, but it doesn’t seduce so it can sell us another fashion commodity in the mass media. She is the carnal package of those realities that are not broadcast by the media. 


La Fulminante performs and interpellates the world socio-political statute. She represents the antithesis to gender and sexuality-related morals. She is the worst enemy of the globalized economic system and of power relationships models imposed by Latin American ingrained chauvinism and imagery. “It is my right to use my body in any way I want to”.


La Fulminante was born on February 4, 2010, when self-inflicted punishment came to an end. Nadia took a flight; she left her native Colombia towards Venezuela.


“I didn’t want to eat shit with a spoon anymore. I left so I could start a new life.” Her first physical feature as femme fatale was her hair. “My brother found a blond wig and I started to use it; it reminded me of certain female stereotypes sold by the media”.


It was thanks to the creation of this erotic cliché that the artist found the means for an alternative communication. In 2004, when she was a collaborator for the radio show “Somos Sudacas” she took some current issues’ elements from TV and assemble them in order to create “collages with sound” of approximately 3 minutes. But the radio station later passed to private hands and the show was cancelled.


She later created Sudaca, a rock band in which she sang in order to keep a close relationship with youth. In the meantime she explored the grotesque and the pornography realms in order to film herself both as man and woman.


“After so many years working in the communication field, everything I did had the objective of questioning and counteracting oppressive and manipulative communication. My main goal was to stop addressing a reality that had nothing to do with my country.”


She ran out of tools and spaces in which to communicate her views. What then? She used her body: Human beings innate channel for establishing a dialogue. She came back to the performance art field —something she was already doing when studying Arts— and without having a broadcasting platform, she took her work to the streets and the Internet.


“I didn’t have to ask for permission in order to do it. I count only on the things I can do and I already have. I know how to do audiovisual works, I know how to design a website and I have my own body. With these tools and using resources such as “estrangement” and the female hypersexual product, I can have access to the audience and make them react. I don’t use a specific language so the videos can circulate worldwide. That’s alive, it transcends me. People watch the videos and they don’t have to accept what they see. It’s like that intimate relationship we have with porn”.


In the meantime, drug dealers are presented as heroes on television. The person who got rich through murdering is glorified. Hired killers are protagonists and they are surrounded by prostitutes. “What are the intentions behind this? La Fulminante wonders.


“Violence is part of everyday life. Alpha males are bruisers who follow no rules. Why should we talk about these garbage-people?”


La Fulminante knows well what circulates nowadays in the media. This is why she knew how to present her work: Making reference to “narco girls”. What is it that we all want to see, have, be? “That little thing you can buy” she declares.  She adopted the mini skirt, high heel shoes and eroticism in order to provoke and send out a message antithetical with her image. Thus, her name: The woman who detonates, like a lightning that makes noise and crushes media control.




Visit to Guadalajara

La Fulminante is currently in Guadalajara. She was invited to be part of Cuerpos parlantes (Speaking Bodies), a Caracol Urbano (Urban Snail) proposal which consists of a street audiovisual investigation. This Friday the project that encourages reflection on political, theoretical and artistic proposals coming from gender studies and feminism will have Granados as guest speaker. The artist will talk about her work in relation to Colombian political and socio-economical context.


On Saturday, she will offer La Fulminante’s Cabaret, a show in which she condenses music, video and performance in order to deal with subjects such as sexual commerce and the cosification of female body via pornographic video-chat, striptease and reggaeton. This show illustrates the way in which Colombian mass media use different domination strategies in order to silence people’s struggles.


Friday, October 3: Talk by Nadia Granados. Screening of her video-performances.

Where? Cuerpos Parlantes at 531 González Ortega street, between Hospital and Juan Álvarez. Downtown.

When? 8 pm.

Free admission.


Saturday, October 4: La Fulminate’s Cabaret.

Where? Laboratorio Sensorial at 210 Ghilardi street. Downtown.

When? 9 pm.

Tickets: 100 pesos.


If you want to know more about La Fulminante visit



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