Nadia Granados

The “selváticos” presents a Colombian performer

“Selváticos apresentam performer colombiana”
(The “selváticos” presents a Colombian performer)
Gazeta do Povo. B
y Helena Carnieri, 2013


The group of 16 artists is ready to complete their first year at their space and they will celebrate with Nadia Granados and the Espaco Tardanza.


Whoever walks at night by the Ouvidor Pardinho Park might wonder what happens inside a house which is painted pink and full of “fantastical” people. The group of 16 young artists that is in charge of the Casa Selvática is interested in performance as a detour from visual arts and is also interested in questions about gender. They frequently organize parties that are conceived as a way of offering freedom of expression to the artists and students who usually visit the venue.


This upcoming weekend they will offer an experience that will gather all of these issues at Espaco Tardanza. On Friday they will offer a conversation between actress Léo Glück and Colombian performer Nadia Granados – who specializes in erotic art and its political uses.


On Saturday Nadia will present a show in Casa Selvática where she will present the work she developed during the week of residency with the 16 Brazilian artists.


Thanks to events like the one mentioned above, the “selváticos” have attracted the attention not only of art students but also of students of the Humanities. Since Casa Selvática was first opened last year almost 1000 people have visited the space.


Casa Selvática does not only organize parties and art events, they also offer art courses and workshops. By the end of last year a dance company chose their space as the right stage to show their dance-installation “In-Real acontecimientos poéticos”.


There is not explicit leadership within Casa Selvática, but they are mostly “cheered on” by Ricardo Nolasco (25 years old). He began in the theatre world when he was 17 years old, already inspired by the desire to write –something not that common among theatre artists. After that, he became interested in performance art and questions of gender, which were questions –the artist mentions– that attracted a lot of people from the College of Arts of Paraná.


Performance art usually uses the biography of the artist as raw material and has social issues at its core. “I attended a show of Cia. Silenciosa and I started to study theatre in order to write” says Nolasco in reference to the theatre company that ended its activities by the end of 2012, after a decade of offering provocative plays. The head of that company was Léo Glück (30 years old) who is now part of Selváticos and who is leading the conversation with Nadia Granados this coming Friday: “After a certain time there was a commercialization process” explains the actress in reference to the end of the company.



With her artistic name “La fulminante” (The Fulminant) Nadia is seeking a “libertarian communication that opens new perspectives against oppression, power abuse, weapons and chauvinism” as the artist told Gazeta do Povo.


“In Colombia, chauvinism is highly rooted; there is a strong sexist use of the female body within the advertising industry”. The artist explains her methods: “I use some of the porn codes, my work builds upon a resemblance to pornography in order to send certain messages”.

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