Nadia Granados

“La Fulminante” challenges status quo

“La Fulminante” challenges status quo”. Reforma Newspaper, 2014.

The performer presents tomorrow her burlesque porn in the theatre “El Vicio”.

She’s “La Fulminante” (The Immediate, Fatal, Detonator). Her name is a declaration of identity: she sparks off hard, but she doesn’t kill. Her specialty is posporn burlesque to whip Colombian politicians and make social critique.

Nadia Granados (Bogotá, 1978) re-appropriated the prototypical aspect and gestures of the sexy latina through “La Fulminante”, a latina that could be the partner of a “narco” (drug-trafficker in an organized crime network), a bit dirty and not at all pleasant.

“La Fulminante is much more than a porn star, she’s a feminine monster that scares”, she says in an interview.

In one of the performances that she shares through the Internet, she appears with tiny jean mini-shorts and a wet white shirt that reveals her breasts while she washes a van full of mud. That’s the key: it’s the type of vehicle that the self-defense forces use in Colombia.

Youtube has censored her video-actions accusing them of being “offensive”, but she hasn’t stopped. It’s her political and artistic project.

This is her first time in Mexico. Since her arrival, she hasn’t stopped hearing about Ayotzinapa and the 43 disappeared students of the “normalista” school (a socialist rural school across the country). She tells us something that she normally keeps to herself: her elder brother was killed in the massacre of Puracé inflicted by the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) in 2001. Goldson Granados (25) just wanted to be an educator.

“I think that La Fulminante has already talked about Ayotzinapa, this has been happening for decades. In my country we have a large number of disappeared people and massacres that continue unpunished.

We have been bleeding during decades, especially the fighters and people that dare to think differently. The best way is to talk about the battles and not only about the pain”, points out Granados who will present her performance this Sunday at 21:00 hours in “El Vicio” (Madrid 13, Coyoacán, DF).

She works with archive footage, relating video and body as performance. She shares through the Internet what she does on the street.

Granados includes scenes of political speeches like the one pronounced by Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, dissident candidate murdered in 1948 when a wave of violence was unleashed in Colombia. A painful speech.

Performance feeds on life itself. She overtook an abusive ex-partner
that called her “prostitute” and transformed herself into the sexual force that characterizes “La Fulminante”.

Her aspect of before has nothing to do with today’s Granados that has a shaved head and no make-up at all. Far from being the character that she created four years ago. “I was like that”, she laughs. “All your life they bomb you with those images and you embody them”.

She speaks in “glosolalia”, the language of children, lunatics and devils. “I’m a feminist and my first revolution was changing my own life”.

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