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“Arte ‘Fulminante’”
(Fulminant Art)


March 12, 2014, Cali, Colombia


Nadia Granados’ performance

Visual artist from Bogotá presents her work Cabaret, tomorrow in the city


Eroticism and sensuality are two of the main ingredients the visual artist Nadia Granados adds to every performance. Her artistic language is not created to please or seduce anyone, but rather to show other social realities. It is this very feature of her work that has made her one of the best performers in the country. Granados, known as “La Fulminante”(The Fulminant) explains: “I do performance on representations that include elements of eroticism in order to deal with political issues and to reflect on different aspects of a system like this. My performance work basically focuses on the internet, the streets, and cabaret performance”.


The artist recounts that in some of her performances one can see the employment of unknown languages accompanied by absurd sexual games. She believes this is “a hook that enables her to circulate other types of ideas”.


Tomorrow the artist will present her work “Cabaret” in Cali. This play –where she performs as a stripper– offers a critique on politics, which is built on the use of her body as a “trigger and raw material that generates reflections around the problems that infect the social landscape. My work deals with the virulence and contradictions that take place and that are related to several social issues, such as chauvinism, corruption, among others” the artist says.


More performances and projects

The work “Cabaret” by Nadia Granados (La Fulminante) is being produced by Objeto Gráfica Contemporánea within their program of Invited National Artists. Breiner Huertas –one of the organizers of the event– explains that the artist will not only present her performance but she will also develop a workshop under the theme of “Aesthetic Tourism”. “The artist will work with us until Monday, after that we will have several interventions on the streets” explains Huertas.

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